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  SynRG 2018
 Moderator: Webmaster
05-25-2018 - 05-28-2018
04:00 pm - 01:00 pm
$ 80.00 Unlimited Unlimited


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Jun 22
RT @AmericanMensa: First complete genome data extracted from ancient Egyptian mummies https://t.co/lKmDZbzcAk https://t.co/dVjRqmrwOb
Jun 21
Information avoidance: how people select their own reality via @CarnegieMellon https://t.co/udBWe5h6Ek#smartypants #echochamber #avoidance
Jun 21
A remarkable time lapse video of cell division in a frog egg via @Colossal https://t.co/2AOAtejtTy#smartypants #film #timelapse #cells