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Many new members are confused by terms that long time members toss around without thinking about it. In an effort to include our new members in the conversation, the following definitions have been provided. If there is a term you hear or read and don’t understand, drop a note to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ABM – Annual Business Meeting, typically held at the AG where officers report and members can ask questions

ACE – Achieving Communications Excellence, a program to recognize local groups that meet or exceed national standards of communicating with members

AG – Annual Gathering, the national convention, usually held during the week of July 4

AMC – American Mensa Committee, the national Board of Directors

AML – American Mensa, Ltd.

ExComm – Executive Committee, another name for a Board of Directors of a local group or SIG

GCC/GYC – Gifted Children or Gifted Youth Coordinator

GCM – Gulf Coast Mensa, Inc.

Hospitality – at any Mensa gathering, a room where meals, beverages and/or snacks and the chance to sit down and chat with other attendees are offered

LDW – Leadership Development Workshop, a gathering that provides courses to improve the skills and knowledge of members

Local Area Coordinator – a volunteer who welcomes new members, answers questions from members and schedules periodic events for a limited area within a local group

Local Group – a geographically defined local chapter of American Mensa

LocSec – Local Secretary, the president or chief executive officer of a local group

M – a Mensan, plural is Ms (pronounced “emz” not “miz”)

Mensa Foundation – formerly Mensa Education and Research Foundation, the philanthropic organization associated with AML, the aims of which are directed at scholarships, education and awards

NO – National Office, the official business office of AML, made up of around 20 staff members who provide support to the organization. Staff members are not current dues-paying members of AML, although they could have been members prior to their employment by NO.

NomComm – Nominating Committee, a group to identify and officially nominate candidates for office, can be local or national

RG – Regional Gathering, a multi-day conference put on by a local group, usually an annual event

RVC – Regional Vice Chairman, a member of the AMC with oversight of all groups within the region they were elected to represent

SIG – Special Interest Group, a group to draw together Ms of similar interests, can be national or local

SIGHT – Service of Information, Guidance and Hospitality to Travelers, a service that allows Ms who are traveling to enjoy the hospitality and/or company of other members throughout the U.S.

YMs – Young Mensans, members under the age of 18



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